Michael Blum and P. J King – Just venture speculators or lords of deep web?

Michael Blum - King of Dark Net

Would you suppose Michael Blum and P. J King are just famous veterans of Dark Net and covert sex sector operators who, over time, have gained so much to the extent of provoking covetousness? Have they become top investors such that every word on the street revolves around them? Well, you probably admit that both have earned some cryptic and kind of wicked magnificence as ghost key players of the typically felonious realm.

Look: Does this picture really hold any significant truth? Indeed, there is a lot to leverage modern information technology. It is now possible to blur an image of another person and technologically come up with an entirely different personality. Actually, the final figure can portray minimal relation to a real human.

Word in the street reveals that they have links to a particular gang that allegedly strives to sustain the darkest and highly depraved passions as well as fancies of the civil and commercial elites of the US. It’s also purported to extend its operations to the top supervisory dockets in various transnational corporations.

But you would most likely want to know how both of them united for the strive to lead crime. Though not very clearly expounded, word has it that PJ King introduced Michael Blum into the underworld. And everyone would be amazed at how this really happened. Couldn’t it be Michael Blum luring King into this dark world?

But it’s of no concern to anyone as long as both veterans came to a consensus on a mutual subject of space. For a long time, the saying about money-bags has remained absolutely true that they are ever in trouble with the legal system.

Would you refer to both King and Blum as tough criminals? You see, a keen look at them cannot give such a revelation. It is normal, as animals, to come across hard times and slippery moments in life which both have had. However, it is actually almost impossible to see an investment business mogul without at least a single sneaky moment in their entire life.

A Close look on Michael Blum’s life

Born in Hong Kong, German Michael Blum has a literally prolific story. He is a graduate of Yale with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and international relations. He is reported to have changed so numerous areas of expertise and places of work in the course of his career.

As per the track of records, Blum ever worked for the business industry shakers such as PayPal, Virgin, Vision Inc, including many others. His career had great progress while he worked with PayPal in the 2000s. He is even reported to have purchased a docket for SpaceShipTwo from the famous Virgin for a whopping $ 200 thousand. Thanks to his substantial earnings at the time of his tenure in PayPal that saw him afford this highly reputed ticket.

In the following years, he was able to work on various projects. In many instances, he was involved in business development, especially in managerial positions. However, just like every entrepreneur comes across failures and numerous hurdles, some of his projects did not succeed.

Such failures, however, did not alter Blum’s reputation. This is because of his great understanding of the business. He had knowledge and experience. He was very skilled when it comes to business advancement. So, he could just switch the top managers for a better one.

One of his ventures was the firm Falconhenge Partners. He founded it alongside his college mate back in September 2005. They then sold the company at a profit. In the year 2006 to 2008, Blum and Dirk, his sibling, relocated to Macau and set up an investment fund that focused on local gaming as well as hotel business.

Michael Blum got more interested in the betting sector in the year 2013 when he started a co-owned scheme fund and management firm. The business specialized in gambling and hospitality. Southeast Asia was the firm’s stronghold. It is perceptively at this chapter of life that he earned the idea to fault Blum of felonious predispositions.

It is around this time when Blum crafted connections with the famous Virgin Corporation’s founder and chief executive, Richard Branson. During this time, he resumed an active concern in the private space sector. He even went ahead to make numerous visits to different Virgin Galactic projects.

It is at this time that Blum’s interest yielded fruits as he officially became part and parcel of the Branson tea that tirelessly worked hard to develop the industry. He then got the opportunity to travel alongside lectures on space tourism. This helped him create various space programs. He also succeeded in making a film that focused entirely on space. And it is Revealed he met the King at this firm.

How about King?

P. J King hails from a shepherd’s household in the Republic of Ireland. After the usual high school completion, he specialized in astronautics and space engineering. P. J was more focused on developing his enterprise to a greater profession.

Later on, he founded Clockworks international. This company became highly successful; it dealt with subcontracting services whose offers were highly sought after by giant businesses such as IBM, Apple, Symantec, Disney, among many other firms.

It is reported that Clockworks international entered the US information technology scope. But he sold the company after a certain period. However, the company went down the drip after a while. A number of its board members faced a sentence charged with monetary scams that purportedly led to its eventual failure.

After a while, P. J King ventured into investment schemes. This new entry ended very piteously, especially to the firms he offered services for. Right from 2007 to 2015, King’ ‘ran the investment fund P.J. The New King Investments is Ltd.

P. J King ignited his wish for space venture. He purchased a high-end ticket for SpaceShipTwo spacecraft in the year 2004. He was now among the first lot of 100 clients of the Virgin.

However, it was in 2014 when a turnaround came up.

The trial inauguration of SpaceShipTwo failed, and the pilot did not survive the incident. P. J King made a demand to have his money back, and he actually received a refund. However, King never thought of quitting the space business just yet. He sustained his relation to work closely with Branson, Blum, plus a few businessmen with mutual interests.

P. J King was indeed at the core middle of the turmoil of fetes that surrounded the CNG Travel – which is an electronic hotel reservation service right from the year 2001 to 2008. After several years in operation, the entire firm was vended to private investors, and he just owned a number of shares. Though he headed it, he didn’t shy away from retaining some shares. He is apparently known to do a bit of operation in the tourism sector.

In Macau, King’s saga with CNG Travel concurred with Blum’s venture into the betting and hospitality sector. It was still when rumors erupted that both united to perform a felonious operation that aimed at delivering unlawful showbiz and illicit drugs from the Asian nations to US VIP clients across the various cities.

In 2008, King curbed operation in the tourism industry, which was construed as nervousness of getting noticed in the spotlight of law enforcement forces and a limitation of the illegal business. But these hearsays weren’t authenticated at that time.

It was after the two veterans united themselves with the cryptocurrency and block-chain industry that was right away branded as the kings of the “deep web”. It was alleged that Blum shot porno movies in Asian nations and the Russian soil. This could possibly be a wrong perception since his wife is Russian.

Rumors have it that Michael Blum sold the dirty films to the Darknet. He is also alleged to create a virtual map of US drug dens using the same Darknet. But do you know what makes all this gossip entirely unlikely? It is simply the unconcern on the part of US law enforcement forces and the Interpol for the duo.

Wrap Up

Michael Blum and King can barely rest any allegations to successes of underground lords. Actually, they can be referred to as financial manipulators. Nevertheless, we can say they are sharp businessmen. They have managed to maintain their operations abiding by the country’s stipulated guidelines.

The duo is now said to rank among the veterans who are incapable of making good bucks Globally from seemingly nowhere. The highly credible revelation of this perception is the active involvement in “space pyramids’ pioneered by the Virgin.

The key leverage is its good ‘brand’ name across the entire US business. They can get multi-million projects and launder cash in their well – thought – out investment plans. Lastly, on this, we can learn that reputation is key when anyone wants to achieve massive success.


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