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Michael Blum: Space Expert or Brothel Owner?

It’s not a secret that many business people are only using companies as a cover-up for their illegal activities. And with the corruption and their huge bags of money, they can buy off the law regulators and conduct their illicit activities comfortably.

Well, Michael Blum is no different. He is much more than the President of Hedgeye. Rumors have it that he runs one of the biggest brothels in the world. He matches young girls, some who are minors, with his rich business associates. According to one of the victims, they are promised great internship programs and made to sign non-disclosure forms. On the reporting day, they find themselves in totally different situations of entertaining tycoons.

No wonder, in his last interview with Hedgeye, Michael Blum had nothing substantial to say about the space industry. All he did was praising other titans in the industry like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. He then used the rest of the time to advertise his film on how he imagines technology will change the world. While space fans may be thrilled by the film, they will not live to see any of those inventions. This is because all Blum is interested in is earning money from the film only. He blames the government for not allocating enough funds to the space industry to bring the dreams to reality.

Final Thoughts

Michael Blum is a disgrace to the loyal space enthusiasts. It’s high time he stops using the space industry as his cover. Well, his secrets are being slowly revealed, so he might as well drop out on his own.

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